Well, actually, I've been here for over 7 months now.  Wow , a lot has happened in that time.  The Lord has blessed me with a house, a vehicle, and  has given me confidence to go out and about here in El Progreso and Santa Rita, Honduras.  I have had Spanish lessons from a private tutor, and although not fluent by any means, I can usually get my point across.  But, I've learned to laugh at myself when my Spanish doesn't quite come out right...which is a lot of the time.  I've learned to live with a house full of geckos, and have actually begun looking for them if they don't seem to be around.  I've had a run-in with a tarantula, and I won!  I've driven in traffic that scared the life out of me when I first got here.  I've had lots of ups and a few downs, and through it all, I've learned to love Honduras more than I ever did before.

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Iglesia Bautista Esperanza

Oh my, how I have come to love my church here in Honduras.  From the very beginning everyone was  so welcoming.  Working with Pastor Lee, and Ms. Amber Rolston has been great.  They have taught me much about how things need to be done here.  It is a different world for sure, but it's a world that God loves and that Jesus died for.  Since I've been here, I've seen many people come to Christ, I've seen Baptisms, and I've seen people grow in the Lord.  With the help of the Rolstons, I've found my place in the ministry, and I love doing new things as the Lord allows.  I am still learning, and will be for the rest of my life, but I have seen God take what little Spanish I have, and use it for HIs glory.  I love to sing, and have had the chance several times to sing and play at church alone, and also as part of the ladies group.  I can't wait to be able to take on even more responsibilities, and find more ways to serve the Lord here in Honduras.  

My "Littles"

I began teaching a SS class 2 months ago. My biggest concern was not being able to connect with them because I still have to have my lessons written out. My Spanish still isn't to the point where I can "run with it".  The first 2 Sundays were pretty quiet, but little by little , they have opened up, and now I get the hugs and smiles I longed for.  Our first month, we studied the Gifts of God.  Oh how my heart soared when they began answering the questions I asked.  God was taking my stammering Spanish and He was touching the hearts of these babies.  They are 4 and under, and I've had a high of 15 in class.  The average is around 10.  Just a couple of weeks ago, I finally got a smile out of Nestor.  He was my hard case.  He wouldn't smile...he would barely look at me.  But then all of a sudden that cute little grin came out and my heart melted!  I'm in love with these little ones, and my one desire is to ground them in the truths of the Bible.  I can't wait to watch them grow up, and become children who love the Lord and want to serve Him.  



Reaching Honduras


Marti Roberts 

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